abstract art

Feminine creativity has long been associated with occult forces, for better and for worse.
From a recent article written by Jana Ritter on Bethany and her artwork: "Not only has Brooke managed to turn her passion
https://youtu.be/W0cu0hGM7_s So here is a painting I did just before I went to join my friends. When the subject of your
We do not need any special power to experience extraordinary things when there are artists conveying notions of all intangible fields, both in visuals and messages. The work of Canadian abstract artist, Blu Smith, is at first, an invitation to the phenomenal. And then, as the audience, you are there.
Up close, one can differentiate between the drawing and the colored shadow that is projected by the paint onto the white
The urge to bring divergent perspectives into harmony is a defining quality of our zeitgeist, as discovering the arts and technologies of the past and of other cultures has become the great pursuit of our post-internet time.
"We constantly have different ideas. We know we have different skills. Our project is built on a bit of competition and seeing
A lot of people are disappointed. I had a market, but I said to myself that, if, by changing my style means less income, if
Connections between math and science are easy to find. Those between art and science sometimes require a bit more work, but if you are in New York City over the holidays a trip downtown can do wonders for bridging the left-brain/right-brain divide.
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Using a limited palate with plaster, bone, wax, ink and hemp, Silver moves herself and the viewer through the Seven Sacraments in a meditative series of large scale canvases.
Alexander Calder's abstract paintings are largely unknown, but they mark the decisive transition from figuration to abstraction in the artist's work. At the same time, they herald his first abstract sculptures in which he progressively introduced not only actual motion, but also unprecedented concepts such as sound and viewer intervention.
My friend painter Ajamu Kojo has been producing beautiful portraits of women for years. I recently got an opportunity to have a long discussion with him in his studio about, painting, women, race, music, barbershops, the human condition and more painting.
Born into a family of artists whose work exploded with color, Susan Michie found her own path into artistic expression by eschewing bold tones and rich hues in favor of monochromatic blacks, whites and browns.
Slowing down in a world where "everything is changing all the time" is of the essence to McKeever, who never takes credit for finishing his paintings: "They finish themselves", he says.
She would have been one of (if not the) youngest artists on the block, and by chance was likely the very first artist to live and work on 10th street.