abstract art

Feminine creativity has long been associated with occult forces, for better and for worse.
Abstract artist, Bethany Brooke, is a Connecticut-based mother of 3, whose mission as an artist not only centers around her
Then I received a photo from a friend who'd been walking a beach on a rainy day and it inspired me to make this one. To me
We do not need any special power to experience extraordinary things when there are artists conveying notions of all intangible fields, both in visuals and messages. The work of Canadian abstract artist, Blu Smith, is at first, an invitation to the phenomenal. And then, as the audience, you are there.
The expressionistic presentation of the city and the surrounding San Gabriel Mountains is composed of rough strokes combined
The urge to bring divergent perspectives into harmony is a defining quality of our zeitgeist, as discovering the arts and technologies of the past and of other cultures has become the great pursuit of our post-internet time.
All photos courtesy of Walter May and Tyler Ramsey "It's exciting and magical to work with someone and be able to lean on
Detail of a new Dario Campanile painting. Campanile: I am open. At first I went to the extreme and did completely non-representational
Connections between math and science are easy to find. Those between art and science sometimes require a bit more work, but if you are in New York City over the holidays a trip downtown can do wonders for bridging the left-brain/right-brain divide.
Overground Splash Jaywalking Lazy morning Electricitree False alarm About a year ago I decided to do all I could to stay