abstract expressionism

Just before their deaths, Gerson Leiber leaned toward his wife and said, "Sweetie, it’s time for us to go."
Key West--Splash--Sunset, 2016, Watercolor, gouache and acrylic on Arches paper, 12 x 16 in. Courtesy Coral Springs Museum
Key West Sunset, 2016, by Steven J. Manolis Watercolor, gouache and acrylic on paper, 60 X 40 in. Flamingo 1832, 2016, Acrylic
Up close, one can differentiate between the drawing and the colored shadow that is projected by the paint onto the white
We all know Jackson, Mark and Willem. But what about Helen, Joan and Elaine?
MoMA's survey exhibition features large-scale paintings alongside his lesser-known lithographs and drawings.
Grace Hartigan, whose work played the range between abstraction and representation once told an interviewer: "Now as before it is the vulgar and the vital and the possibility of its transformation into the beautiful which continues to challenge and fascinate me."
Andrew Pasquella's new paintings may not look like a return to basics. Their scored, shredded, black rubber skins are methodically violated by tearing, peeling, and the incisions of hand-held shrapnel scratching them to bits.
Warhol, whose oeuvre featured iconic celebrity portraits, a variety of soup de jours and countless candid Polaroids, is considered a pop-cultural superstar. On August 6th let's celebrate the birthday of this legendary artist. Happy Birthday, Andy Warhol!
Regardless of what the curators and "decision-makers" of today's art scene are looking for, Amaranth Ehrenhalt is not waiting for anyone's validation. "I know what I want to do," she said resolutely, "and I'm my own best critic."
Overall, how do you think the art world has changed from the time you created these works to when they're showing now? Self
What do you hope to communicate through your work? My work teeters between abstraction and representation but I would say
She would have been one of (if not the) youngest artists on the block, and by chance was likely the very first artist to live and work on 10th street.
Why else endure thousands of hours developing skills unless truly dedicated to the life those skills ultimately require? For a fine artist it is impossible to rest, or feel fulfilled, in any other way.
Many people remember Kline because his large-scale zoomed-in gestures resonate at both four feet and hundreds of feet away. This has led to the view that his works are just big black-on-white gestures, akin to big details of a de Kooning.
The glory of the show, and of Rothko's career, is in the final rooms. Rothko reached his full maturity as an artist in the late 1950s and the '60s; he produced masterpieces, by layering strong and assertive colors patiently onto large canvases.