abstract expressionism

Just before their deaths, Gerson Leiber leaned toward his wife and said, "Sweetie, it’s time for us to go."
Great artists that I know personally also are influenced by the music of their time, but many of those working in an abstract
Other events taking place over Art Basel week in Miami featuring Manolis' work include: American Flamingo by John J. Audubon
The expressionistic presentation of the city and the surrounding San Gabriel Mountains is composed of rough strokes combined
We all know Jackson, Mark and Willem. But what about Helen, Joan and Elaine?
MoMA's survey exhibition features large-scale paintings alongside his lesser-known lithographs and drawings.
Grace Hartigan, whose work played the range between abstraction and representation once told an interviewer: "Now as before it is the vulgar and the vital and the possibility of its transformation into the beautiful which continues to challenge and fascinate me."
Andrew Pasquella's new paintings may not look like a return to basics. Their scored, shredded, black rubber skins are methodically violated by tearing, peeling, and the incisions of hand-held shrapnel scratching them to bits.
Warhol, whose oeuvre featured iconic celebrity portraits, a variety of soup de jours and countless candid Polaroids, is considered a pop-cultural superstar. On August 6th let's celebrate the birthday of this legendary artist. Happy Birthday, Andy Warhol!