abu bakr al baghdadi

First the dog involved in the raid on Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was a boy, then a girl, then a boy, then a girl. Now it's a boy again.
"It's trained that if you open your mouths you will be attacked," Trump told reporters. "You ought to be very, very careful.”
Americans continue to disapprove of his foreign policy, the survey finds.
The group identified the new leader as Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi.
The photo tweeted by president shows the dog Photoshopped over the image of Medal of Honor winner James McCloughan.
The ISIS leader was killed during a U.S. raid in northern Syria, President Trump announced Sunday.
Conan O'Brien grilled the editor for other doozies that replaced "austere religious scholar" to describe the leader of the self-described Islamic State.
Studies of leadership decapitation suggest groups like ISIS often find ways to survive.
"The Daily Show" host dissected the president's announcement.