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Those who have a clear path to the U.S. face a slow processing time, while thousands of others have no idea where they'll end up.
"He felt betrayed & abandoned," the actor wrote in an Instagram post that included a moving video.
Zahra Lari is the first professional figure skater to compete internationally in a hijab. And she’s got her sights on the Olympics.
Bertrand Piccard is a third-generation explorer whose ancestors have set records for altitude, depth, and speed – and always
The rocker apologized for the video, which has since been removed.
It's not a possible conflict of interest. It's an actual conflict of interest.
Q: Because tomorrow's preachers and Shari'ah judges are being trained there? Animated video promoting tolerance among Saudi
At the same time, there may been reason to expect that Italy and Oman are also exploring a defense partnership. In September