"When you say immigrants from Mexico are criminals and rapists, isn't that spreading hate?"
Anderson Cooper Makes Fun Of Himself For 'Clickhole' Mistake
While over the weekend Fox News apologized four times for the unsubstantiated claims made on its air, CNN, too, dealt in
"He went from the airport to the doctor’s office and after a quick exam, his doctor told Anderson that he needed to go to
Cooper went on to defend his "basil-scented candle," arguing that it was very expensive and creates a good vibe in the office
The CNN host went on to tease that maybe the best thing for all of us to do is to just stay in the United States and not
Anderson Cooper acknowledges that when most people think about his family history, they tend to focus on his mother, famed
Watch the video above for the full clip. "I am certainly no expert on the topic of...vaginas," he finally said after a minor
The man behind the "hidden cash" phenomenon is no longer a mystery.
In celebration of Anderson Cooper's 47th birthday on Wednesday, the CNN host's colleagues interrupted his "Ridiculist" segment
Anderson Cooper went after someone who he said he usually tried to ignore. But Pat Robertson's unbelievable and flat-out
Success! Anderson Cooper loves Cher so much that he dedicated a segment on his Tuesday night CNN show to thanking the diva
In honor of Anderson Cooper turning 46 years old on Monday, the CNN host's colleague and spectacles soulmate Wolf Blitzer
The network has been running this experiment throughout the past week. The programming decision follows previous experimentations
The 10:00 p.m. airing of "AC360" typically draws higher ratings than the 8:00 p.m. showing, but the network would most likely
Anderson Cooper may dodge rocket fire while reporting from war-torn areas in the Middle East, but the CNN anchor tries his
Sen. John Kerry told Cooper that the treaty had "absolutely zero ability ... no legal capacity to tell the U.S. to do anything
Cooper pointed out that PolitiFact, the Washington Post fact checker, and the CNN fact checker have all concluded that this