academic excellence

Maurice Ashley is the first black player to be inducted into the Chess Hall Of Fame, while transforming young lives through the game of chess.
always believe that speaking engagements are not about me, but the people I encounter on the journey. This time I received a gift that I was not expecting.
Not all good students are good test takers, particularly under stress, and taking a test that can grant you entry or deny you access can certainly be stressful.
The co-founders of BASIS Schools, Michael and Olga Block, aimed to offer the type of education students receive in the top performing education systems around the world; the type of education that would help American students compete in the global economy.
If you look beyond the salacious headlines it is clear that the Penn State scandal is a symptom of the scourge of big money and corporate culture that have infected the social life of our universities.
If the PISA test results give us the impetus we need to truly prioritize academic education -- in our families, communities, governments, and schools -- then all the hype will be more than worthwhile.
Cha cha cha. Rest assured: Higher education will remain totally committed to Excellence in all its many forms because, as
The more ideas put forward, the more difficult practical action becomes. The more we "innovate," the more resistant and hardened the problems of removing ignorance become.