academic freedom

From my perspective working with college students on a daily basis, what disturbs me most is that lists like Professor Watchlist
This came to mind as we learned about a "DeCal" student-led course being offered at the University of California, Berkeley
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1. "We do not support" warnings; 2. No disinviting speakers; 3. No safe spaces. Separate and apart from issues of free expression
We in academia have an opportunity and an obligation to serve as examples of how to engage in civil discourse in an increasingly polarized nation.
Microaggressions. Trigger warnings. Safe spaces. These are among the latest entries in the ever-expanding lexicon of campus censorship. There appears to be a new free speech crisis on campus, and it seems largely due to demands from a new generation of students to be protected from offensive ideas, emotional triggers, and feelings of being intellectually unsafe.
Last fall, when I first arrived at George Mason, I decided to major in economics. Halfway through the semester, I learned about the large amount of money GMU has accepted from Charles Koch and the power such money has given the Charles Koch Foundation at other universities.
This vote is more than a referendum on a contentious political issue. It is a vote that defines our scholarship. The members
The ideals of the modern academy too are fragile and vulnerable. We are witnessing their subordination to a political agenda even as supporters of the boycott movement try to mitigate the horror of their proposals by drawing a distinction between shunning Israeli academic institutions and discriminating against individual Israeli scholars.
The safe-space is a concept I agree with entirely in concept but less so in practice. I firmly believe that students at any university should be able to feel that they are a valued part of the student body and not be subjected to hate speech or excessive insensitivity.