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Forbidding a youngster from spending time with friends we don't approve of often makes them more appealing; your son may find it tantalizing to sneak around to be with his buddies rather than abide by your wishes.
In this short interview, Victor Carrion, Ph.D., a childhood development and behavioral sciences expert, explains that it is not necessarily individual cases of stress that cause us harm, but rather the accumulation of various stressful experiences that are detrimental to our health and quality of life.
Hiding your flaws online can hurt both yourself and the people who see your posts.
Junior year is often considered the most competitive and stressful year of high school. After this past year, I can wholeheartedly agree and call it what I truly see it as -- a competition.
Sierra Nadeau, a high school freshman who participated in the study, told the Globe and Mail that she experienced anxiety
Do you feel like most of the kids at your school are stressed out? With mounting academic pressure and increasing competition
When you start stressing about not finishing your project on time, your mind builds a case for why what you believe is going
Few of us would claim to behave better when we are stressed or contend that our relationships, or the way we handle our responsibilities, improve when we feel pressured. So imagine how stress can feel to your middle schooler or teenager, who has far less experience to help him or her cope.