Do the editors of the New York Times read their own newspaper? The opening line of their pro-charter school editorial offered
"Death is ever with us," no more so than last week for me. A beautiful young creative woman of 35, Courtney Mullin, struck down by a sudden heart attack. We had recently collaborated on a review of her client's restaurant, Albright, at the Santa Monica Pier. We all grieve for her and her family.
Last Saturday night LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) celebrated its 50th anniversary with a big party and exhibition.
We needed more transparency, letting the members and the world know what actions were being taken and why. That's slowly happening....slowly. So here is my two cents on ideas to improve the Oscar show and move it into the future.
In response to a reader who emailed me that 'there is nothing out there to see these days,' I can only refer her to the following list and suggest she start at the top of the list and work her way down. The viewing is fine!
On my living room wall hangs four signed costume sketches by Edith Head which she did for a movie that I produced, W C. Fields and Me, with Rod Steiger and Valerie Perrine.
A four year old has been expelled from school because of his mom’s Facebook post.
The art of tai chi and the art of singing share many things -- discipline, regular practice, and an emphasis on the breath. But, what may surprise you, as it did me, is that the breath, as a vehicle for directing energy to the singer's stage presence, was paramount in the success of any stage production.
Coming from France, my son quickly assimilated into the school's cosmopolitan student body. Nearly a quarter of the school's