An Access clip from 2017 seems to have predicted the future.
Lucky wedding traditions from across the globe While July may be infamous for unlucky weddings, couples worldwide have found
The city gate of old in Acaya, Italy: form follows function Images composed by the author in Acaya, Puglia, Italy, and Seattle
What does it mean to have access to opportunity? Through the years, I have witnessed individuals, parents, families and teens
I no longer hide the fact that I'm a disabled woman in my dating profiles -- it is there for the world to see and read about (in a cute, self-deprecating way), but it's not a solution to my dating woes.
Will this label change make medication abortion more feasible in states facing medically unnecessary, politically motivated restrictions or will politicians with the goal of limiting abortion access just continue to find new ways to restrict access? Time will tell, but this new action from the Food and Drug Administration seems to be a step in the right direction.
It's time to recognize that our rivers, lakes, wetlands and oceans are good for our brains and bodies. Nichols is a research
Most of us eventually develop disabling conditions related to age. I'm hoping with the influence of people like Stevie Wonder, disability will become our next equality discussion in all sorts of venues.
It's time to change the game by creating platforms and sharing power and value with the people who give them life.