The only thing keeping the 2004 Ford F-350 pickup from falling was the set of “safety chains” attaching the 30-foot camper trailer.
"She could have suffocated to death if no one else was there to help.”
The 28-year-old man was among "visitors exactly where they were allowed to be," said a park spokesman. It was "just an unfortunate, tragic event."
Search-and-rescue workers were looking for more victims after an oceanfront bluff fell onto a section of Grandview Surf Beach.
The death of 22-year-old Malaysia Goodson spotlights the New York subway system's slew of accessibility issues.
The wreck happened on Interstate 75 about a mile south of Alachua, near Gainesville.
The NTSB published a preliminary report on the incident Thursday.
The artist opened up about the horrific bus accident that changed her life.