accidental death

I can't speak for them, or for anyone else, but when my sense of the natural order of things left, I acquired the heaviness of grief... and an immense amount of fear. Now that nothing makes sense, I am afraid of everything.
In the mid-90s, the holiday song "Grown-Up Christmas List" hit radio stations, and its lyrics were painfully close to too many homes. Within each verse were wishes for peace, friendship, forgiveness and justice. Presents under the tree seem trivial when we stop to think about it.
Caries are a common finding in retained wisdom teeth. I extracted an upper left wisdom tooth on Dr. Jim Sears, the host of
The county medical examiner ruled the neighbor had died of natural causes and the police declared the case closed, KOCO reported
A Minnesota cafe is being sued after serving up a fatal batch of pancakes to a teen with a severe dairy allergy.
Authorities in Massachusetts are looking into the death of an 18-month old girl that died of suffocation after undergoing an apparent home-remedy for head lice.
Rising Russian tennis star Violetta Degtiareva, dubbed the next Anna Kournikova, is dead at just 23 years old.
"We had been learning how to tie ... knots in ropes in Boy Scouts. He came into the house and had unpacked his Boy Scout
An 11-year-old girl was killed in Philadelphia Saturday morning when she and her three siblings found a loaded handgun in
A good therapist is a wonderful thing: They know that there is nothing about you that's wrong. They know their role is to listen and validate, to come up alongside you and provide support.