Rēkohu 2121. Alan Marshall, Author provided The Moriori refused to give up their pacifist ideals to fight against the invaders
A. I'm so glad you picked up on that. I do see a surprising trend here--the rise of Judaism in Africa. There is what is called
Some of the reasons for the limited success of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) include lack of local participation and the top-down approach of the MDGs, without focusing on local needs and preferences.
His bicycles sell for around €350 each, mainly to buyers in Europe and the United States. But he hopes that as they become
Safety is not linear; to ensure that a clinic can cope with a medical emergency such as the Ebola crisis and continue to handle routine care requires substantial strengthening of an entire health system.
At a time when society needs it the most, Dr. Kingsley Fletcher proves himself to be a man committed to not only challenging society's misconceptions on Africa's potential, but a leader personally invested in the well-needed restoration of black relations across the globe.
Elmina Castle Built by the Portuguese in 1482, it's now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The modern town around it has a bustling
In Brazil, the government ensures that mental health is understood as a fundamental part of overall well-being, and therefore promotes diagnosis and treatment in coordination with other health services, never in isolation.
Many substances -- including electronic waste -- pose all sorts of dangers to the health of individuals and the environment.
He's certainly not touching us here. It takes three hours to disentangle, the five-hour journey takes eight hours, and I
Relatives of the family said they were not aware of the existence of the two younger children and the parents had prevented
I believe the future for Africa is in fashion and design and it is one of the places to start. It will set the stage for change and transformation in African cities. And when it comes to fashion, all signs are pointing to Africa as the next "big thing."
Not far from the heart of one of Africa's biggest cities, Accra, Ghana, black clouds of toxic smoke rise from an outdoor recycling operation that is converting America's used computers into copper, gold and other useful materials.
After a day of reflection in Accra questioning whether or not we are worthy of the work we are doing with Of Rags, Liz and
American media, especially cable TV news, is moving more into infotainment mode, stuck on a few areas. Geopolitics has never been its strong suit, and political coverage is mostly focused on food fights.
"All Ghanaians want to see you," lamented Ghana's president, John Atta Mills, before feting Obama to a breakfast banquet