Eventually, say Pettersen and Gillespie, all pediatricians will be integrating ACEs into their practice, because it's crucial to making sure that kids have a healthy childhood -- which helps them avoid chronic disease and mental illness when they're adults.
Ace fighter pilots were portrayed in the popular press as the 20th century equivalent of medieval knights. Their exploits may also be the origins of the concept of the "super hero". That term, which first became prominent in 1917, would go on to spawn a broad category of popular literature.
Earning the nickname 'Smokin' Aces' from his days shooting hoops at EBC Rucker Park, Kortovich has ingrained himself into the basketball community after losing his father to cancer at an early age.
Nearly two-thirds of California adults have experienced at least one type of major childhood trauma, such as physical, verbal or sexual abuse, or living with a family member who abuses alcohol or is depressed, according to a report released yesterday.
By learning about the science of childhood adversity, and following the lead of many other organizations that are becoming trauma-informed, the NFL could have players whose families are happier and healthier, it could have better players.
There is a large body of research on the long-term impact of childhood trauma and its potential to create social, emotional and cognitive impairment.
Más de un 80% de la población chilena sobrevive gracias a la bicicleta financiera, sumida en el estrés y eternizando las cuotas de lo que necesita consumir. Es la realidad generalizada del exitoso modelo chileno.
The health of our youth, today and into their futures, can be protected. We can prevent the diseases and disabilities that result from childhood adversity and trauma.
This is good news for Congressmen Perriello (VA-5) and Boucher (VA-9). Both supported the American Clean Energy and Security
Not surprisingly given this background, McNerney has been a champion for the environment during his first two terms in Congress
Today, we examine Iowa's 3rd Congressional District, stretching from Des Moines to the Cedar Falls-Waterloo area. The district's
Here are some lessons learned from the perspective of someone who spent last few years trying to push a real bill through the real Congress.
Rumors, speculation, horror stories and discouragement are being sucked into the the information vacuum around this bill
BP's spill safety response plans include references to protecting walruses, which have not called the Gulf of Mexico home for 3 million years. The American people deserve oil safety plans that are ironclad and not boilerplate.
2. Tea Party candidates are like the streaker at a football game. They get a lot of attention for their bold, rebellious
A group of leading scientists from across the country sent a letter to congressional leaders and Obama officials urging them to carefully count the carbon from biomass burned for energy.
According to reports from sources in the meeting room, the bill calls for greenhouse gas curbs across multiple economic sectors
Hari has reported on climate change issues for years, and at first, he "imagined that American green groups were on these
We have to get biofuels right to get the pollution reductions the clean energy bill is designed to achieve.
You wouldn't realize from listening to Warner's tough talk, but Mollohan voted against the legislation, explaining his rationale