It's not that I haven't been nagging all my kids to get more sleep. I'm like a broken record. We've got four teenagers--ages
I made yesterday finally the interview with an important publisher for my thesis and thought about the things I did to get this interview. It was not easy but finally I got it and want to share some ideas with you:
I guess the most important take home message from this blog is: There was also a sense of achievement as I realised just
Have you considered making goals and actively working towards them besides your New Year's resolutions? You will be far ahead of mostly everyone else if you plan big to 'make it big.' In order to plan big, you will need to follow three simple steps.
The second essential ingredient to goal setting is goal visualization. Goal visualization means thinking about the end game
I spent more hours occupied by the EA Sports Madden franchise than I care to admit.
For now, I will enjoy this Everything Bagel for all of its simplicity and charm. I may get a bit of cream cheese on my shirt and some of the toppings may fall off, showing me that life is imperfect, but who cares, this is the Everything Bagel and it's pretty darn good.
Here are 11 overlooked elements to goal-setting that you will want to remember the next time you evaluate your goals.
There are good people out there that want to help. There are success blueprints that will show you the way. This quote, for
The earlier you start your road trip to success and achievement, the faster you get there.
Regardless, these excuses originate inside your head as obstacles to keep you from moving forward in life. It's important to rewire your mindset so you don't naturally create roadblocks when setting your goals. Following are the most common excuses people come up with for not reaching their goals.
This shift in how you view mindfulness -- loving being alive rather than practicing human experiences -- is enough to cause a profound change in yourself, the kind of change worth bringing to the world.
We're complex beings, and there is always more to learn. Caring is more important than "knowing." Are we interested, receptive, curious? The element of surprise can fuel a sense of newness and add excitement when we're open to it.
Having the energy to sustain action towards a long-term goal isn't easy. Here are three tips that will fire you up for your toughest and lengthiest missions:
"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson I look back into my life, all
1. Do something that will only take a short time frame (not a few hours). 2. Make it something with your hands; some physical
Speaking of flak, you had better expect it when you break from what others think you should do. I remember when my first
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