Achilles International

They've run the miles, reached the milestones and accomplished every step of it with the help of others.
It's remarkable, but even physicians don't teach their patients about hypoglycemia and glucagon. Glucagon is enormously underutilized
A representative of the New York Marathon said it was a program adopted by the New York Road Runners in partnership with
Competing in an Ironman triathlon is a challenge. But imagine doing the race without being able to see. Charlie Plaskon, 69 years old and legally blind since birth, has completed eight Ironman races. His most recent was last month's inaugural New York City Ironman, where I served as his guide.
The experience became less about one person guiding another, and more about a group of ridiculous risk takers just trying to feel the exhilaration that comes with feeling your heart thump as hard as it possibly can against your chest and pushing your body to the limit and then pushing it even further than that.
SLIDESHOW: The group competed in the Honda L.A. Marathon Sunday in Los Angeles through Achilles International. The nonprofit
Running the marathon with Dan felt like a celebration of optimism, of grit and resilience. He thanked me for serving as his guide, but I experienced the event as his gift to me.
More than 40 years after its inception, the New York City Marathon on Sunday beckoned another legion of runners to test themselves
Dr. Dick Traum has competed in multiple marathons, run with former President Bill Clinton and inspired thousands to lead