acid attack

What factors allow such attacks? Un-counseled anger and frustration is behind the crimes as much as pre-disposition to sociopathic
Since surviving an acid attack that disfigured her face, Reshma has nailed down a daily beauty routine. But while offering
Women may be targeted for a variety of reasons -- from denying sexual advances by men to attempting to access education. Saharan
Learn more about how to join the fight against the atrocity at Stop Acid Attack's website. According to ASTI, acid may be
Lately I've been floating on this nostalgic sensation, remorseful over this time period even though it isn't over. I simply
Five suspects, all men, have been detained for questioning, police in Zanzibar told the Telegraph. Gee sent out a tweet on
Acid attacks scar their victims. Zanzibar has experienced a bout of Christian vs. Muslim violence in recent months, though
The teen was immediately taken to Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar where Dr Suhail Ahmad said she had suffered 33 percent
No single policy or piece of legislation will wipe out gender-based violence in one fell swoop. But each action we take adds to the cumulative tide of meaningful change.
Leading Russian cultural figures wrote to President Vladimir Putin last November calling for the dismissal of the Bolshoi's
LONDON - AUGUST 14: Nikolai Tsiskaridze performs in Pique Dame during a photcall at the Royal Opera House on August 14, 2006
The BBC reports that police have not made any arrests in the case and that investigators are keeping "an open mind as to
"I felt hopeless and helpless," Mukherjee told "I didn't want to live anymore. The conditions for my treatment
More than 80 percent of all acid attacks are committed against women. Men are the common denominator -- not Islam. No sizable race, religion, country or custom is immune from this vile crime.
Since the attack, Aftab has gone on to accomplish things no member of her family had done, including graduating from high
"She's never been in any trouble before," Vaysberg told the Post. "She's an honor roll student with excellent grades." Smsarian's
While passage of Pakistan's Acid Control and Burn Crime Prevention Bill is certain, it remains to be seen whether the government will make a sincere attempt to implement and enforce this legislation.
Storro said she doesn't normally wear sunglasses, but amazingly bought sunglasses just 20 minutes before the attack, saving