acid attacks

"Sometimes you have to lose something, give up something, to gain something better."
They face devastating health issues and society often treats survivors like "villains."
The Bolshoi theater was torn apart when artistic director Sergei Filin had acid thrown in his face.
Following the near-blinding of former artistic director Sergei Filin, a new leader is stepping in.
Since surviving an acid attack that disfigured her face, Reshma has nailed down a daily beauty routine. But while offering
A little over a year ago, then 33-year-old Natalia Ponce de León was attacked with sulfuric acid in the Colombian capital
Women may be targeted for a variety of reasons -- from denying sexual advances by men to attempting to access education. Saharan
Learn more about how to join the fight against the atrocity at Stop Acid Attack's website. According to ASTI, acid may be
Many people in Iran do not trust Iranian officials, and cast doubts on their sincerity. All types of conspiracy theories have also spread around the nation.