These terms will help you be inclusive online and IRL.
The peak of Internet trends is "rn."
Smart car: Swatch Mercedes Art “Smart” makes for such an on-point descriptor of these small, cleverly designed city cars
Ex. “Hi Grandma! School’s been great, but OAN we’re getting a puppy!” Correction: An earlier version of this story misidentified
Some parenting books are useful, but the danger of too much information is giving parents the impression that there's very much that's in their control.
While raising interest rates may dampen falls in a country's currency in the short term, this is not always enough to calm a sell-off and a higher interest rate can hamper growth, squeezing the country further.
ftw imho rofl Sometimes, acronyms are useful, but usually, they are just terrible. If you're in the military, the CIA (see
It all started with OMG, followed by LOL which quickly progressed into LMAO and ROTFL. It wasn't long before girls were discussing their BF and their BFFs and telling their parents they would BRB. It all adds up to TMI for many of us. Don't worry, for those you who are fast track impaired, I've provided a translation at the bottom of this post.