I'm referring to the practice of acroyoga. In many ways it's exactly as it sounds, a mixture of acrobatics and yoga, but
Stanford professor Dr. Stuart Brown wrote: "A lack of play should be treated like malnutrition: it's a health risk to your
Calf Mashing Vajrasana, Modification Remove blanket roll. Sit on heels while with toes, curling all of your toes under including
1. Builds Trust & Focus AcroYoga poses include a 'base', the partner who is actively supporting, and a 'flyer', the partner
This hybrid style combining acrobatics and healing arts like Thai massage with yoga can help you take the next step in your practice by connecting you with others while boosting strength, body awareness, and playfulness.
There's a saying in yoga: Finding balance in the physical will help you find balance in the mental. I believe the same is true for trust.