The loss of any child is painful; a loss that could have been prevented is almost too much to bear.
The U.S. Census Bureau released on Wednesday new data from its 2015 nationwide population survey. According to the annual
Hatched during the market triumphalism of the 1980s, modern era trade agreements like the TPP have contributed to the most lopsided inequality in income distribution since the Great Depression.
Child Success New York City, an innovative program launched by New York City and implemented by several foster care agencies
"We suspect that some millennials...may feel a much greater affinity for supporting researchers from their ranks."
The American Cancer Society has made a major shift in its recommendations on when women should start having yearly mammograms.
In a new report, 73.1 percent of loans with one servicer ended up in default.
Federal courts are vital -- they decide pressing matters every day, whether they are challenges to employment discrimination, corporate malfeasance, or immigration appeals. Do we just throw our hands up on judicial nominations, buying into a lazy argument that nothing much can be done now with a Senate controlled by Republicans?
From humble beginnings, the project has grown tremendously in scope. The initial two-student local cohort from a single institution
Dogs have a second olfactory system that's known as the Jacobson's organ. Its nerves direct the chemical information it detects
At the heart of any company that offers empathy and strong incentives and engagement is a company that is "employee centric." What that refers to is a company who puts the needs of their employees in the forefront.
I've heard horror stories from folks that worked in places where people were resentful that someone had too much time off, or that they had to pick up the slack for the person.
Census advocates organized by The Census Project were developing a letter opposing the measure they planned to send Monday
The deaths of three young children in a Bronx fire last month exposed the harsh living conditions of many impoverished New Yorkers, but the family's treatment by city authorities in the wake of this tragedy deserves equal scrutiny.
Andy Jorgensen is a professor at the University of Toledo. He was recognized for his outreach efforts to increase climate
The 1976 law reads: "This bill seeks to protect citizens and addresses concerns about the level of personal information collected
Michael McAuliff covers politics and Congress for The Huffington Post. Talk to him on Facebook. "When we have gone into Senate