active duty

The deployment will raise the total number of active-duty forces supporting Customs and Border Protection agents there to approximately 4,350.
The Air Force is exploring ways to make being a drone pilot a more desirable occupation, as it faces operators who feel overstressed and underappreciated.
As I approach my final week as a member of the inactive reserve, and my third year of teaching fifth grade, I find myself reflecting back on what my job was like in the service to what it's like now in education. While the daily responsibilities of the jobs differ drastically, the principles, beliefs and attitudes are curiously similar.
In a deposition for the lawsuit against the tabloids, Cruise likened his job and his time overseas to that of a soldier leaving his family behind to serve in Afghanistan. A collective gasp could be heard across the military community. Maverick!
The coming years will mark a major shift in the role of the higher education community in educating active-duty military
I was glad to see the military acknowledging and addressing the separateness created by our all volunteer army, because I think it has profound consequences for our engagement with the men and women who serve.
The Army's top generals worry that surging tens of thousands more troops into Afghanistan could increase the strain felt