active shooter

Maurice Hill, 36, allegedly injured six officers during an hours-long standoff with police in North Philadelphia.
A suspect in the massacre in El Paso has been taken into custody, according to police.
"There is NO Active Shooter at Dupont Circle. There are injuries from people running from what they thought were gunshots," tweeted the deputy mayor for public safety.
Suspected gunman Gary Montez Martin, who was fatally shot by officers, was terminated from the Aurora factory that day, according to police.
No one should ever have to prepare for a mass shooting, but these safety tips might save your life.
The online payments company joined a growing list of businesses that have refused to support the game "Active Shooter."
No injuries were reported, except for a police officer who accidentally shot himself in the leg.
"Active Shooter" encourages users to gun down high school students and responding law enforcement officers.
It’s the first time an annual death toll in active shooting incidents exceeded 90 since the FBI began tracking the crimes in 2000.
Misinformation spreads like wildfire after a shooting. But it doesn't have to.
Police identified a woman in her late 30s, Nasim Aghdam, as the suspect who opened fire at YouTube’s headquarters before dying by an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Female active shooters are very rare.
Four people were injured in the attack at the company's headquarters.
Teens' opinions often mirror adults' views, but some differences stand out.
Three female employees and the gunman were all found dead after the daylong siege.
I don’t understand why I'm expected to teach these kids how to survive in a violent world, but my country isn’t expected to make the world less violent.
The base is about 15 miles from the White House and the home of Air Force One.
Providing an environment where teens can express themselves and ask questions without fear of judgment or reproach can help them develop the confidence to come forward and discuss their feelings, especially if they are asked to.