Many people are shocked when they discover that Facebook and other tech behemoths routinely monetize their user data. This
No matter how hard I work to protect my privacy, my emails, my spending habits and the fact that I have seen several movies starring Scarlett Johansson, someone out there knows about it.
8. Metro Parents: "consumers, primarily in high school or vocationally educated, handling single parenthood and the stresses
Bianca Bosker joins HuffPost Live to explain why it's impossible for a person to erase their engagement from the internet.
In less than 50 minutes, I’d convinced Google to add “Dating and Personals” to my list of interests, which is compiled based
On Sept. 4th, 2013, Acxiom launched a new website called AboutTheData. The site does not live up to this promise. In fact, it falls so short of delivering on this objective that one questions whether that was the site's objective in the first place.