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The centerpiece will be the COVID-19 Community Corps, a grassroots network of community leaders encouraging vaccination.
The Peloton Bike holiday ad was ruthlessly mocked on social media.
"The ambition and love that just poured out of everyone there was overwhelming in the best way.”
Modeling the new line of bridal gowns while gallivanting around the picturesque streets of London in front of Parliament
A new Chinese ad campaign illustrates the way smartphones can affect family life and relationships.   Titled "Phone Wall
When designing a live experience, key drivers might include sales cycles, campaign calendars or launches of new initiatives or products. These are all important considerations but it's critical to also factor in when and where your consumer will be most receptive to engage.
The Brooklyn diocese created a similar campaign in 2013, declaring that Jesus was the “original hipster.” The Brooklyn Diocese
Judging from RiRi's frosty lips, the beautiful packaging for the products and the proceeds going to a great cause -- we're
The actress filed a $6 million lawsuit in Manhattan federal court against Duane Reade Inc. on April 9. The complaint alleges the company improperly used the star's name and likeness on Twitter and Facebook, without authorization, to promote their brand.