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Former President Donald Trump and former first lady Melania Trump were noticeably absent from the video.
Twenty million workers lost their jobs in March and April. As of June, the unemployment rate was 11.1 percent.
Consumers are receptive to pandemic commercials, but they want to see compassion, not cash grabs.
They are serving as ambassadors for us in our quest to connect people with homeless animals and to save millions of lives.
It could help kids communicate difficult emotions and stop abusive language.
Chances are you've come across a public service announcement (PSA) from the Ad Council, such as their recent "Love Has No Labels" campaign that went viral with over 86 million views. I interviewed Laurie Keith, Director of National Media Accounts at the Ad Council, to shed some light on how technology is used to empower their campaigns.
Change won't happen if we just talk about it, it will only happen if we do something about it. Here are some key takeaways to bring to your workplace:
Who would have thought that these catchy lyrics from the 1946 Broadway musical Annie Get Your Gun would fit so perfectly into a conversation today about women and heart disease?
I encourage parents and caregivers to go to to take advantage of the resources available to make brushing easier