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Democrats are on the offense, while Republicans have largely given up on health care as a campaign issue.
Back in the old days when before the internet became widely popular, most people had to rely on the yellow pages for their information. They used to check out job ads and other ads in the yellow pages and also look for people or companies' contact details.
Trump's campaign is now going to fully commit to "letting Trump be Trump." Because, obviously, the problem all along has been that Trump wasn't being Trump enough. Obviously.
At a time when television political ad spending has hit more than $1.84 billion, it seemed like a gamble of sorts for the
Detroit: We’ve logged $10.7 million in ads so far in Detroit, with hundreds of thousands bought by congressional candidates
Georgia (March 6) Restore our Future -- $650,000 Santorum -- $73,000 Disparity -- 8:1 It's important to note that while Santorum
Marketers are ready to spend money in 2011, buoyed by the economic turnaround that's finally reaching the advertising business
The internet grew its share of global ad spending to 12.6% last year from 10.5% in 2008, surpassing magazines' slice of the
Kantar Media last week released its ad spending data for the full year 2009, reporting a decline in year-to-year spending of 12.3% and total ad spending of $125.3 billion.
In the TV world, ratings and demographic numbers are nice, but at the end of the day they all add up to the bottom line. So