“Stop and think how would you feel if someone compromised your independence simply for their own convenience,” one wheelchair access advocate noted.
With mask mandates being lifted, here are toothpastes, toothbrushes, floss and more that have the American Dental Association seal of approval.
The case appears to be the first over the new sick leave provisions passed to deal with COVID-19
“You really don't realize how inaccessible the city is until you need it to be accessible for you.”
We’re treated like drum kits and other inanimate objects.
Disability advocates were dragged from the Capitol Building after a bill to gut the ADA was passed in the House.
The owner refused to back down even after a police officer told him he was breaking the law.
Including his brand-new, “very special” hotel in Washington, D.C.
Facebook's new blind-friendly feature puts a small dent in a big problem.