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The doctored images were taken from a Teen Vogue photo shoot in which the Parkland survivor tore a gun-target poster.
Whether you're familiar with Firefly or not, if you follow political outrage you probably know that actor Adam Baldwin recently drew a really ridiculous comparison.
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What's wrong, now, with a father marrying his son for love & to avoid tax penalties? — Adam Baldwin (@AdamBaldwin) February
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Will you watch "The Last Ship"? The high concept drama, starring "Grey's Anatomy" alum Eric Dane, focuses on the hapless
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HuffPost TV has an exclusive preview of Torres and Fillion sharing the screen once more -- but this time, they're not exactly
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Not only was it the project that arguably launched (or relaunched) the careers of Nathan Fillion (who recently paid homage
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Adam Baldwin is joining the cast of "Law & Order: SVU." According to TV Guide, the "Firefly" and "Chuck" veteran will appear
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In "Firefly's" early stages, Fillion helped bring the cast together by creating a game. "We're learning everyone's names
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Current trends aside, has Levi always considered himself a nerd? "Absolutely," he's quick to say. "I get a lot that people have a hard time believing that I'm a nerd... but I grew up with a Nintendo controller in my hand."
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San Diego Comic-Con and Levi's Nerd HQ run from Thurs., July 12 to Sun., July 15. You can check the availability of Nerd
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It's official: "Firefly" is heading to Comic-Con. The short-lived cult hit from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" creator Joss Whedon
While I am excited to see Stout offering to educate the community about the First Amendment, it is not the university community that needs educating. It is Sorensen, Police Chief Lisa A. Walter and their fellow administrators who need it.
To ride along the back roads of Texas with such brave men as Nathan Hunt, who gave both of his legs in service to America, was among the most profoundly exhausting yet uplifting experiences of my life.