Adam Carolla

The former Fox News host made the wild claim during an interview with Adam Carolla.
"How many of you p****y's got played?" the comedian wrote on Twitter after misleading information about coronavirus-related deaths circulated.
Has the president’s son ever contemplated killing his dad for the money? He once talked about that on the radio!
Kimmel took on Hollywood's sexism at the Oscars. It's a huge shift from the crass TV show he co-hosted in the '90s.
Considering that both of these guys have platforms from which to spew their views, this is like a DC/Marvel comic crossover of legendary proportion. This week was only the second edition of their mashup, and one gets the feeling that the two hosts are politely feeling out the edges of each other's hot buttons.
There's a lot more to Jeff Richards than people realize. Over the past decade, the SNL and MADtv alum has been unleashing a series of experimental comedy electro-pop E.P.s accompanied by bizarre and hilarious music videos that harken back to the golden age of MTV when acts like M, Barnes & Barnes and Miss Julie Brown ruled the roost.
I am more than happy to declare myself a member.