Adam kinzinger

The Colorado Republican recently suggested she believes "the church is supposed to direct the government."
Each member of the House select committee probing the Capitol riot likely will get a security detail amid a surge in violent threats, according to reports.
In a new campaign ad, a Missouri Senate candidate is holding a shotgun and urging his supporters to go “RINO hunting.”
"Wake up, Republicans, because this is not going to be good for you if you think it is,” Kinzinger said.
“Can we stop all of it? No. Can we mitigate it? Certainly. And we should be doing that now," the Illinois Republican said of gun violence following last week's mass shooting.
The anti-Trump Republican accused Cawthorn of seeking fame over actually doing his job.
When confronted about Jan. 6, Greene's "all of a sudden a victim and a poor, helpless congresswoman," the Illinois Republican said.
Will the Illinois Republican stay in the GOP long term? That's TBD.
The Illinois Republican slammed the Fox News host's "evil" rhetoric amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Singling out members of the GOP who have differing views is "not the job" of the Republican National Committee, the Senate's top Republican said Tuesday.