Adam kinzinger

Gaetz has so far resisted calls he step down over a sexual misconduct investigation, saying that would "absolutely" not happen.
The person with the most votes wins, Rep. Adam Kinzinger explained.
The Illinois Republican received a letter from relatives slamming him for joining the "Devil's Army" and voting to impeach Trump.
Rep. Adam Kinzinger also called out members of his own party for repeating Trump's lies.
“I think the Republican Party has lost its moral authority in a lot of areas" during the last four years, said the Illinois lawmaker.
Katko of New York is the first Republican House member to publicly back Democrats’ push to impeach the outgoing president.
Rep. Adam Kinzinger said the Capitol Hill insurrection shows "the president is unfit, and the president is unwell."
The federal government will run out of money on Tuesday if Trump refuses to sign the COVID-19 relief bill in time as he spends the holidays in Florida.
Republicans are patiently playing “political Candy Land” as they “continue to coddle and help encourage Donald Trump’s delusion," Elise Jordan said.