Adam Pally

The “Most Likely to Murder” star became the “villain of the Shorty Awards.”
"You look like someone's cousin or a boy from camp who was, like, my crush."
Exclusive 'Joshy' Clip
"We need to look at the Second Amendment and amend it."
"You're, like, firing jokes and there's no audience, so the whole time they're just pissed off they're not on that ferry
Audiences likely know the 23-year-old Salazar from her guest appearance as Zoe during Season 3 of "Parenthood." But between
"I can't tell you anything," Pally told The Huffington Post during an interview at South by Southwest to promote his new
As far Pally's future appearances, it looks like he'll have plenty of opportunities. Fox recently added 6 more episodes of
Here, on the eve of the season three premiere of The Mindy Project, the actor opens up about comedy, the secret to being part of a winning ensemble and other quirky anomalies.
CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post stated that "The Mindy Project" would go on hiatus until April, but the show