adam platt

"I think the challenge is to connect, always, and to be heard, and to be emotionally consistent."
Warning: I like protein, though I have become a sucker for squashes like kabocha or delicata as well as the tang of labneh, the thicker, smarter cousin of yogurt.
This year I have promised myself to meditate daily, spend more time with my family, shop more carefully, entertain more often, and eat more mindfully. Some of that has to do with paying attention to the upcoming trends this year.
I'm never going to criticize Platty again, but I can never bring myself to believe that a restaurant of Ai Fiori's caliber can only get two stars, much less three or four.
There's no doubt that these are boom times for pork lovers. This city is saturated with bellies, trotters, ears, snouts, and
To say New York Magazine's culinary editor, Gillian Duffy, is a food expert is an understatement. In an interview, Duffy reflects on the gastronomic landscape of yesterday, today and tomorrow.