Adam Putnam

The election for the top job in the third-largest state will be a referendum on President Donald Trump, who considers himself a part-time resident of Florida.
The president is considering going down to Miami, now that his frequent Fox News defender has a polling lead.
"Publix knows we're not going away," one gun-control activist said.
Adam Putnam, a self-described "NRA sellout" running for Florida governor, received $670,000 from the company.
Adam Putnam runs a traditional campaign. Ron DeSantis goes on Fox a lot to defend Trump. Guess which one Trump backs.
If Democratic voters are furious, what is the word to describe Republican voters in Florida? Losers. Losers, because over
Social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, and the blogs, have triggered an unprecedented event in Florida: people are linking up to express outrage and to organize for the purchase and conversion of massive acreage in sugar cane production south of Lake Okeechobee for water treatment marshes.
When the Times and Herald contacted the politicians for comment, many demurred -- including Scott, whose campaign released
While Putnam hailed the state's firearms program, the high-profile shootings of unarmed Florida teens Trayvon Martin in March
Because of former Gov. Charlie Crist's recent alliance with President Barack Obama, some Democrats consider him the Democratic
CNN reports that a dozen House Republicans are targeted in a new House Democratic political campaign that criticizes them
If we don't help elect citizens like Doug Tudor to office we wind up with bought-and-paid for corporate shills -- Republicans like Adam Putnam and Michele Bachmann.
Ask yourself why Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a Democrat -- not a politician, a Democrat. Let me share the note I got from Democratic candidate Doug Tudor with you.
Florida Rep. Adam Putnam doesn't think Barack Obama can win the South. But he predicts Obama's campaign strategy will cause
Doug Tutor, 20 year naval veteran, is challenging the wingnut Adam Putnam in Florida. The cowardly Democratic Establishment, which prefers Republican-lite candidates, is trying to ignore his grassroots race.