Adam Rippon

The pop superstar's fracture is audible in her latest Instagram post, which drew condolences from the likes of Selma Blair and Adam Rippon.
The Olympian will undoubtedly keep busy with media appearances and LGBTQ advocacy work.
The Olympic freeskier got into the spooky spirit with his figure-skating friend's S&M-inspired look.
For many, sport is still seen as one area where homophobia and gender stereotypes persist.
The out athlete has a special place in mind for his ensemble to be displayed.
"All of our gay dreams are coming true!" tweeted the team behind the NBC revival.
"I felt so liberated in so many ways,” the Olympic skater said.
The skater impressed with an emotional contemporary routine set to a familiar song.
"You were born to do this show," a judge told the Olympic skater after his debut.