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Sandler was asked about a wound on his face while appearing on "Good Morning America" this week to promote his Netflix movie, "Hustle."
The "Hustle" star was on location in Spain when he took it all off — and regretted it.
Sandler told parents their graduating art school students aren't "leaving the nest anytime soon."
The actor made the eyebrow-raising revelation in an interview about his upcoming film "Hustle."
The "Hubie Halloween" star went viral again for his everyday guy-ness.
The "Hubie Halloween" actor visited restaurant host Dayanna Rodas after she went viral for not seating him.
A TikTok of the comedian leaving the restaurant because the wait was too long went viral last week.
"Pleaseee come back," wrote a TikTok user who said the "Hubie Halloween" star left because the wait was too long.
Adam Sandler and Christopher McDonald hit a hole-in-one with their comedy exchange.
"Hubie Halloween" tops the list again.