Adam Toledo

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx said there was insufficient evidence to charge the officers.
McDonald’s President and CEO Chris Kempczinski sent texts to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blaming the gun deaths of children on their parents.
Assistant State Attorney James Murphy appeared to suggest that the boy, Adam Toledo, was still holding a gun as Officer Eric Stillman pulled the trigger, killing him.
Outraged by video showing the boy with his hands in the air when police shot him dead, protesters carried signs reading “CPD, stop killing our children.”
Bodycam footage shows that 13-year-old Adam Toledo had his hands up when he was shot dead by a Chicago police officer – despite initial claims that he was holding a gun.
As Chicago police released bodycam footage of an officer shooting a 13-year-old dead, Mayor Lori Lightfoot asked the city to remain calm and reserve judgment.
Graphic footage shows the boy had his hands up when an officer killed him on March 29, reigniting the grief police violence brings Chicagoans.
Police claim 13-year-old Adam Toledo was armed with a gun, but have not yet released body camera footage of the incident.