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Chris Hurst entered politics in hopes of honoring the memory of his girlfriend and her cameraman, who were killed on TV.
Alison Parker, 24, and Adam Ward, 27, were killed by a former co-worker while viewers watched.
WDBJ Gives Tribute To Alison Parker And Adam Ward on one-year anniversary.
Ward's lawyers had sought to halt the execution, arguing he suffered from severe mental illness.
“Had I continued to stand, I would not be here talking to you."
While the world's eyes were on Roanoke last week, this week most national and international media have made their exodus from this small community I now call home, and though their focus is on the next horrible breaking news story, it's as if time was frozen here. 8/26/15.
If Black Lives Matter is responsible for so much good, then why on Earth are they trying to link it to hate groups similar to the KKK? Because Black Lives Matter is working.
His name was Bill Stewart, a courageous ABC newsman. According to published reports and to interviews conducted with journalists who covered the story, Stewart was executed by Nicaragua's National Guard during the Civil War of 1979. As a CBS News correspondent myself covering that war, I was in Nicaragua the day Stewart was killed
Remembering one of the two victims of the on-air shooting.
"We're Number 1!" (We must be so proud...)
Writings and evidence seized from Flanagan's apartment showed the man "closely identified" with people who have committed mass murders.
Surely there are children who saw the screenshots from the cover of the New York Daily News, and are asking their parents tough questions this week. But their curiosity and questioning should not make us afraid.
Is it really such a huge inconvenience to responsible gun owners to have to undergo a background check? Wouldn't gun owners put up with a little inconvenience if it meant that Alison Parker could talk to her father every day and Adam Ward could walk down the aisle with his beloved, Melissa? Maybe, maybe if it was harder to get a gun, Vester Flanagan wouldn't have ended up with one in his hands.