Adams County

Adams County is widely regarded as a critical battleground in November's election. I called Sampson after reading his Facebook
"Just because I post something, does not necessarily mean I agree with it," Sampson told me today. "I will post something
Mathai: "People are totally missing what happened tonight in South Carolina," wrote Mathai in an analysis on Facebook. "It
At last night's caucuses, local Republicans generally didn't hold preference polls on the presidential race but there were exceptions, like Adams Country, a swing district north of Denver that might possibly serve as a barometer of how Colorado would have gone on the red side.
Amalia Lopez De Mansilla died after she was stabbed nearly a dozen times in the chest and torso.
Journalists aren't reporting the seething anger of Colorado's Tea Party conservatives at their Republican leaders for allowing the federal government to continue operating or for generally caving on what they see as GOP principles.
The unemployment rates in Illinois vary from county to county. One county might be at seven percent, well below the state rate of 8.6 percent. Another county might be over 11 percent.
Fisher says that the deputies were responding to a burglary at a nearby residence but entered Fisher's property in error