Addis Ababa

One of the African nation's religious leaders urged authorities to enact strong laws against same-sex relations.
Some 157 people, including 8 Americans, were killed when an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 jetliner crashed shortly after takeoff.
The Nairobi-bound flight crashed six minutes after departing Addis Ababa.
Dissident politicians have been thrown in jail over the years and charged with involvement in terrorism.
Ending one’s life buried under tonnes of rubbish in a dumpsite is just one of the deadly risks faced by waste pickers, those
Shenzhen (Finance & Economic Development): Shenzhen is one of the fastest growing cities in the world with a population of
Cynthia Ord is a Denver, Colorado, native currently traveling in Thailand. When not freelancing via the Internet for a handful
Sanjay Wijesekera speaks to press at the Sanitation and Water for All Ministerial Meeting, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, March 15
At month's end, African health and finance ministers will meet in Ethiopia for the Ministerial Conference on Immunization in Africa. Alongside technical experts and policymakers, their focus will be expanding access to vaccines, knowing 1 in 5 African children still don't receive all necessary immunizations.
The Ogadenis have a longstanding group grievance that is part and parcel of their indomitable desire for self-determination, which has never been addressed. The current uprising is a culmination of systematic injustice perpetrated against the Oromo.
Anthropologist Marta Lodico felt Ethiopia is a place where modernity and tradition stick together inharmoniously. The mud
Wherever you go, you're bound to get a quality cuppa joe, and meet loads of Ethiopians who are as enthusiastic about coffee as you are.
NEW YORK -- Today, developing countries and emerging markets are saying to the U.S. and other rich nations: If you will not live up to your development aid promises, at least get out of the way and let us create an international architecture for a global economy that works for the poor, too.
Developing nations need trillions of dollars a year to tackle issues like food security, climate change risks and basic infrastructure
Despite many promises and commitments, most NGOs have branded the results as tragic since no binding commitments were made. The largest global network of civil society organizations, Civicus, highlighted that the meeting had brought no new money to the table.
This year, governments will make decisions that will shape sustainable development possibilities for generations to come. In September, world leaders will gather in New York to agree on a new set of international development goals.