adolf hitler

Raja, who contributed to dozens of stories for the news network, struck a defiant tone after losing his gig.
Nazi sympathies arise in the trial of Brendan Hunt, who sometimes wrote extremist messages in code. "I don't want to kill the 'juice' just yet," he said in a video.
The 91-year-old Holocaust survivor said that the former president had "obviously admired Hitler and just copied him with his anti-Semitism."
Illinois Rep. Mary Miller told a rally earlier this week, “Hitler was right on one thing. He said, ’Whoever has the youth has the future.’”
Illinois Rep. Mary Miller made the contentious remarks at a rally earlier this week and has been asked to apologize by Illinois GOP Chairman Tim Schneider.
“As a child I saw it as a totally normal name,” said Adolf Hitler Uunona, who was given the name by his father.
The host riffed on a TV mixup that gave a Trump campaign rally a far more sinister title.
Trump is "gleefully" embracing "incredibly dangerous white nationalist tropes and ideas," said a spokesperson for the Jewish organization J Street.
"You love your president and your president gets honored," Trump told the crowd in North Carolina.
Madison Cawthorn, 25, had said that visiting the Eagle's Nest was on his "bucket list" in Instagram photos from 2017.