adopt a turkey

"Turkeys are amazing, and this is the greatest time of year to celebrate their lives."
The tradition of chowing down on a big juicy turkey may be age-old, but the inhumane way many of these birds are treated
Thanksgivukkah is one of the rarest events we'll ever experience. So get creative, dig deep and turn your celebration into eight days of gratitude and compassion. Honor the future -- of all peoples, animals and our Mother Earth -- by making your holiday food and activities vegan-inspired.
Given the many alternatives now available, Elizabeth feels "there's absolutely no reason to contribute to the killing of
The group has produced an emotional ad campaign for Thanksgiving this year, asking viewers, "Kids: If You Wouldn't Eat Your
The President will pardon one lucky turkey Thursday, but you don't have to be the leader of the free world to save a bird's
Ask almost any person in the US what a turkey contributes to society, and he will answer, "a yummy Thanksgiving meal." But
When you get to know your poultry, it's easy to love it, impossible -- unthinkable -- to eat it. Which brings me back to turkey. Eating Thanksgiving turkey is an American tradition, but why?