Watch the moment one teen gives her dad a beautiful gift.
I know some people think they were adopted. They feel they are from another family because they're not like the rest of their family. This note is not about them.
Mother ceaselessly sought to mentally destroy me as a prepubescent, because I was the outlet most handy and available to absorb the pain of her losses and dereliction.
After three miscarriages, the journalist was overjoyed to become a mom.
Byrd explained to People how surrounded she was by black culture throughout her entire life. "My mother took me to a black
Barnicoat was also overwhelmed, telling the source, "I've waited my whole life for this. And I know he has too." In a similar
An Australian baby with down syndrome receives $200k after being supposedly abandoned in Thailand.
I have no recollection of my biological father whatsoever. Without the few pictures of him I have, I wouldn't be able to even tell you what he looks like
Knowing you are "chosen" through adoption doesn't erase the reality that someone left you behind. I never want my children to feel like there are limits and conditions on the love they receive.
I lost Mom to cancer in 1992. Dad lasted more than a decade without her and passed in 2003. I thought I wouldn't come out to family anymore after that, but life has a funny way of shaking you up.
A panel discusses adoption, and whether adopted children should seek out their birth parents.
I remember being mocked by my Hebrew school classmates when they busted me transfixed by my own reflection in the long windows of the temple gift shop like a Jewish mini-Narcissus.