Adrian Peterson

Recently my son Max got to meet one of his hero's. To be fair he's not a big fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars or Marqise Lee
Joseph Patterson was convicted of second-degree murder in September.
Peterson saw his son for the first time a day before he died.
I am not naive enough to think that new words can be spoken like magical incantations to suddenly change the culture and mentality that has long defined the NFL. However, old words will certainly guarantee the status quo.
The reign of rookie running backs, the hype of two rookie quarterbacks.
With the NFL's intention to appeal, it appears this story is not over. Opposing fans will use Deflategate as an opportunity to heckle Brady and the Patriots whenever they play their teams.
The league announced the player has been reinstated.
As it stands now, Judge Doty's opinion jeopardizes the NFL Commissioner's power to bring some order back to the business after a difficult year. It lends support to the Players Association's plea that personal misconduct cases should be heard in arbitration.