Adriatic Sea

Kay Longstaff, 46, was rescued from the Adriatic Sea by the Croatian coast guard on Sunday.
In my recent note on our visit to Trieste I mentioned that Jackie and I were served an antipasto of baccalà mantecato: dried
The borders and rulers of Italy have always been fluid, at least until the twentieth century, and there are parts of the
I recall it was the hue of her eyes that took me away upon our first introduction. I had seen that same blue almost twenty years before in the early years of the war in Bosnia. Her eyes were the color of the Adriatic Sea, which were so vastly stunning that both the sea and her eyes were like bolts of electricity to my heart.
Croatia is slowly becoming the next big tourist destination for those looking for an incredible mix of adventure, sun, and sea. Visit these off the grid places for a more authentic Croatian experience.
To my fellow entrepreneurs for your strong conviction into the unknown, I honor you.
Excitement rippled through us as my husband and I packed for our first trip to Italy! Celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary, we had tickets for Alitalia to Rome, then on to Monopoli, a small town on a cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea.
"Mom, do you think I will ever see a real shark in the ocean?" The Cetorhinus maximus can be sighted traveling alone or in
Overfishing -- another problem the Adriatic Sea has to contend with. Every year, in the entire world, about 90 million tons
The cultural and moral decay of the Berlusconi "era" had already taken its' toll. In 26 years the number of times my spouse and I considered leaving is countless.