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The principal problem with Entourage as a movie: There are barely as many laughs in its slack 104 minutes as in the average 30-minute episode. Which makes it a lot like the Sex and the City movies.
A few hours before the trailer came out, Spin My Planet posted stills from the movie, showing Turtle in a fight, a giant
If only there was a real-life Lloyd to yell at for this: The "Entourage" movie became official back in January of this year, but progress on getting the HBO series to theaters has not moved as fast as fans might have hoped.
On Sunday afternoon, "Entourage" star Kevin Connolly and writer-director Doug Ellin discussed the project on Twitter: While
Before fans get their hopes up too much, however, consider these comments from series star Jerry Ferrara: Now that the "Entourage
Grenier, a noted environmental supporter, took a tour of the city's Recycle Here! facility on Holden Street in New Center
I knew what the odds were when we started (though, of course, I was convinced I could beat them). I'd heard the horror stories from filmmakers I'd interviewed over the years: unscrupulous and inept producers, financiers and film companies, and so forth.
Jeremy Piven, who plays himself Ari Gold, said that his character is "teed up for a movie" after the twist at the series
The actor quickly defended himself via Twitter, "It's not true. Help clear my name. I moved to the new @greenehill coop & encourage
CNN reports that Grenier says he has "changed from being Vinny Chase the celebrity to Adrien the therapist," allowing fans