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In a "Red Table Talk" interview, the "Claws" actor shared the sweetly hilarious way her three adult children reacted to their mom's surprise marriage.
"I worry that you simply hanging out with your friends will be the end of me."
More than half of young adults are living with their parents, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here's how to deal, according to therapists.
It could be too late by the time you need to have it.
Realize you are a good person. You have figured out your estranged adult child is troubled. She writes notes, sends loving
This is my belief on the subject: I believe that no matter what happens, your mother is your mother. The Ten Commandments
My adult children do not want my advice. And in this period of transition, I'm not sure what they want.
We're not a religious family. We're just not. But even if we were, what does an Xbox One have to do with the birth of Jesus
How to be close when even innocent questions are seen as intrusions.
My mother insists on giving me what she calls constructive criticism. She thinks it's her job to tell me everything I'm doing
That got me thinking. What are the basic life skills should we be teaching our kids before they leave the nest? What should they know? Here are a few.
3) Self responsibility does not mean self-blame. Although you are responsible for fixing the problem, your current habits
I am calling a moratorium on texting my adult kids, except for purely informational tiny tidbits. One reason is that autocorrect can wreak havoc with mother/adult child relations.
As an only child, I was always very close with my parents. My mother relied on me solely when she and my father fought. Girl time. Growing up, I always said I'd move next door and live there with her forever and always be her best friend. Now, I live about 10 miles away (if that), but I work full time, pay my own bills, and live with my boyfriend.
Boxes are packed and trucks are loaded. My youngest son is smiling from ear to ear, excitement and eagerness plastered across his mischievous grin as my heart is pulled in two. I've watched all morning as he, his father, brother and friend have made numerous trips up and down the stairs hauling box after box, pieces of furniture and clothes to load.
I realized that these past 24 years raced by at record speed, and well, that can only mean that the next 20+ years will do the same. Right? I've heard that time moves much faster as you age. So, if you're doing the math along with me: when my son has his 44th birthday, I will be nine months away from (oh God, I can't think it!) 74... which is just shy of 75!
What is wrong with me? Most people are changing bedrooms into man caves or celebrating the fact that they were able to raise a human from a baby into adulthood without harming them or losing them for an extended period of time. All I think about is the empty chair at dinner and the gaps in my duckling lineup.
Of course, the other way you know you're getting old, besides the kids standing on the roof with a sketch pad, is you have
If I could go back and enjoy another day when my little boy held my hand and squeezed it, or simply threw his arms around my neck because he liked to burry his face in my hair. I'd sit a little longer, reading a favorite book; I'd play in the yard a little longer. I'd savor it.