Coloring may just be the only way to get that screaming Trump voice in your brain to shut the hell up.
It makes me smile when I hear people say they look in the mirror and see their mother. The other day I heard a man wonder out loud how his dad's hands appeared out of the sleeves of his jacket.
Some of the pages are personal in other ways. One of the pages is an - "I still remember you," said Moustafa, "It was definitely
15. Calming Therapy, an Anti-Stress Coloring Book, by Hannah Davies, Richard Merritt, and Cindy Wilde. I saved one of my
While there is truth that coloring is an enjoyable and focused activity that can make excellent use of your time, the benefits that it gives you cannot be underemphasized.
Artist Shantell Martin's quirky, creepy, wild adult coloring book unfolds into a nine-foot work of art.
Travel back in time, open your box of crayons, get to work on these vintage automobile drawings.
While some of us go all-out during National Poetry Month, using it as a time to challenge ourselves with myriad iterations of how to read a poem and how to write a poem, there are also those of us who would just as easily wish to kick back and enjoy a stress-free spring arrival.