The attempt to silence the porn actress, as well as ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal, raises some unsexy but vital democratic issues.
The church leader fled naked after the woman's husband caught them in the act.
"It’s reducing my entire professional career and background to this one word," she said.
Infidelity is all too common and when it occurs, it raises many questions. Should you stay? Can trust be rebuilt? Of all
Religions also legislate marriage in order to legislate sex. But most ancient religious prohibitions against certain sexual
I did something I had judged others for doing in the past and something that I had always said I would never do. I had an affair with someone who was married.
A CERTAIN AGE is about the twenties, an era that has never really attracted my interest. In Williams' hands however this
People often ask me how it is that I can be quite so ok. The wonder how it is that since the sudden and very painful break down of my marriage, my ex and I are still friends. They seem amazed that I don't harbor any hatred or anger towards what happened. Here are my reasons.
The bottom line is this: Why waste mental space thinking about how to take revenge on your husband and/or his mistress, rather than putting your focus on how to make your source of happiness and fulfillment independent of the pair of them?
In 1970, the State of California originated the concept of "no-fault" divorce. The rationale behind the law was that there
This blog could actually be a 100 part series, in the last three years I have heard thousands of divorcee's "divorce stories", and I am pretty certain I have heard it all or close to it all.
Crawford does a good job of keeping the suspense at an appreciable level while moving the story ever forward. The problem
Maybe for a brief moment inside the person's head there's some rationalization where he or she assesses the reward against
The excuses men give when confronted about cheating vary from extremely predictable to astonishingly off the wall. However
My husband gave up on our marriage. Well, he didn't exactly give up... He found someone else. So, why would I stay and fight for someone who stabbed me in the back and left me to bleed? Why would I fight to save my marriage, when the one I loved and trusted betrayed my love?
When you have a friend, isn't the least you can expect from your friendship that you will not have sex with each others mates without permission?
3. Sex Men want to know that they satisfy their partners' needs, especially in the bedroom. They also want to be attended