"Some suggest that only unsuccessful people move back home with their parents. The truth is more complex, though."
"Welcome to Adulthood, I hope you like Ibuprofen."
"Every group of adult friends is just a bunch of people who almost dated."
End the year on a ✨brighter✨ note.
"As a child — boys have cooties. As an adult — ALL people have cooties and should be avoided."
Adulthood has thus far taught me one critical lesson in life: In every turn, make better choices.
Some days breaking a half hour sitcom story feels like forever. And everything else literally just flies by. You'll stop
I saw a message from my best friend, Eva. My jaw dropped. A million questions flooded my head. It all seemed so sudden. "I
What's more, The Guardian reports, there is a rising malnutrition epidemic in the U.S.: But should the true measure of a
I immediately mapped out our friendship in my head.