"Every group of adult friends is just a bunch of people who almost dated."
End the year on a ✨brighter✨ note.
"As a child — boys have cooties. As an adult — ALL people have cooties and should be avoided."
Adulthood has thus far taught me one critical lesson in life: In every turn, make better choices.
Friends will marry people you don't like. Friends will marry people you like too much. Classmates will die way younger than
Then, my mind flooded with the 16 years of memories that Eva and I have experienced together. Our friendship had survived
in the US today, the real picture of undernutrition is different. In some cases, children who are obese who are malnourished
I immediately mapped out our friendship in my head.
When you're a brat you have memories and friends literally all over the world. There's a sense of homeless-ness about it.
One of the responsibilities of being a parent is teaching our children important life lessons like wearing helmets when they
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As parents, a big part of our job is teaching our children life’s important (and not-so-important) lessons. Some parents
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When we were kids, we knew that adults drove, drank coffee and got a lot more letters in the mail than we did. But the rest
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It makes me smile when I hear people say they look in the mirror and see their mother. The other day I heard a man wonder out loud how his dad's hands appeared out of the sleeves of his jacket.
I am terrible at this and waking up at 5 a.m. is honestly such a foreign concept to me that every time my alarm goes off I think my boyfriend is pranking me. But also I'm enjoying it. And I'm going to keep enjoying it. Maybe for like one more week.
So, here is the thing… in a few short days, I will be celebrating a milestone birthday. 30. THIRTY. Thirty. 3-0. The Big
We can acknowledge the past, honor and celebrate it, but we shouldn’t get stuck there.